Bariloche Farms – A Hidden Treasure Trove

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Bariloche Farms – A Harvest of Local Treasures

By Jessica Turner
     Photos by Jessica Turner

Fifteen minutes southeast of the hustle and bustle of Fredericksburg’s popular shopping row on US290, you find a hidden treasure, Bariloche Farms. Part farm, part boutique – all unique.

Bariloche Farms – A Harvest of Local Treasures

Bariloche Farms not only makes a variety of jams and jellies that Smucker’s would envy, they also grow the fruits and veggies themselves. Jams are not limited to their sweet and juicy berries, but also have been created with their tangy peppers as well. The spicy peppers find their way into the many handmade salsas.

Bariloche Farms – A Harvest of Local Treasures
Sample the endless flavors and grab a few to take home. The handmade ice cream, however, should be enjoyed on the spot – perhaps on the country chic porch overlooking the peaceful garden. If you want to play it safe, the Butter Pecan in silky smooth and as fresh as it gets. For the more unique experience, try the Lavender ice cream. Neither will disappoint.

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