Barndominiums Are the New Texas Dream Home

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In this day and age, the ability to afford a mortgage is fortunate by anyone’s standards. However, being able to build your Texas dream home is a whole other level of luxury to which few can aspire. Enter the barndominium. The Lone Star State has often been recognized as a rancher’s paradise. In days gone by, many a Texas barn was erected for the purpose of meeting the farm needs of the property. Over time, and with the economy taking the turns that it did, some ranches were forced to be sold off in bits and pieces, and their outbuildings became a part of someone else’s acreage, perhaps left untouched for years. A barndominium is a living project that makes use of such buildings. They don’t all necessarily have to be old and repurposed, however. A barndominium can be built from scratch with 100 percent new designs and modern-day construction materials. The concept, however, is turning heads across Texas, allowing for many large families to live comfortably and affordably, while ensuring a modicum of luxury. Here are some barndominium projects making waves as the new Texas dream home.

1. Cottage-Like Barndominium

Barndominiums Could Quite Possibly be the New Texas Dream Home

Photo: Facebook/Country Corner

This beautiful number has gorgeous living spaces both indoors and out, including a large, manicured lawn area on which the family can play or relax in the Texas sun. Its old-style construction is durable and long-lasting, and the decorative doors add a more homey touch to its exterior. Practical and plush at the same time, this is definitely a Texas barndominium dream home.

2. Rustic Barn Home

Barndominiums Could Quite Possibly be the New Texas Dream Home

Photo: Facebook/DC Builders

Whether it’s refurbished from a former barn or built as a brand new home, a barndominium can easily be transformed into your Texas dream home with the right contractors and skilled labor. There are even turn-key projects in which you simply need to be involved in key design decisions and interior finishes, and then you’ll be off to the races with your new Texas accommodations!

3. Beauty in Beeville, Texas

Barndominiums Could Quite Possibly be the New Texas Dream Home
Photo: Facebook/Texas Horse Properties for sale Via San Antonio Board of Realtors

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