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Baseball-Sized Hail Hits North Texas, Leaving a Large Path of Damage

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Known for some of its severe storms, Texas has seen disasters at the hands of the weather which have left a path of destruction many have witnessed – much to their horror. Such an instance, including baseball-sized hail, recently left a similar path from Carrollton to Arlington, breaking skylights, windows, headlights, and tree limbs in the process.

According to local reports, North Texas experienced a hail storm that “…sounded like God was throwing rocks at us.” At approximately 12:30 a.m. on June 6, the National Weather Service posted warnings for parts of Denton and Collin Counties, as severe storms moved south and west, dropping the large hailstones in its path. “The sound is what got me,” a Coppell resident noted. “Never heard the intensity of something pounding like that.”

Baseball-Sized Hail Hits North Texas, Leaving a Large Path of Damage

Photo: Facebook/Benjamin Berrandey

“I’ve been here my whole life in North Texas, Dallas area, and I’ve never seen anything like this before,” another Coppell resident stated. Area residents took a number of pictures of the baseball-sized hail which bombarded their homes, businesses, cars/trucks, and yards. Thankfully, no reports of injuries were made. However, a substantial amount of property damage was confirmed in the western part of the city by the Carrollton Police Department. More of the same was reported by the Coppell Police Department. Noted as being not only loud, but fast as well, the storms that hit north Texas quickly dissipated, and while much of the area is expecting only warm temperatures throughout the coming days, residents and business owners will be cleaning up a considerable mess in the wake of this hail.