Shoppers Remain Calm in Video of Bat Infestation at Alvin Walmart

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You can spot a lot of strange things at Walmart, but a bunch of bats circling around the store might be one of the oddest sights an Alvin Walmart shopper could see in the megastore. KSAT reports that at the Walmart location on Highway 35 Bypass North at Highway 6 in Alvin, dozens of bats were seen flying around on Monday, but the infestation didn’t just begin. The store has had issues with bats on and off for about a year.

Employees attempt to shoo the creatures away, but that task proves to be very difficult. A Walmart spokesperson has said, “We are aware of the situation at our Alvin, TX store and are working with our service provider to ensure safe removal of the bats.”

One of the most surprising aspects of the bat infestation is how calm shoppers remain around the creatures, even when they’re flying right along the aisles. KSAT posted a shopper’s video to Facebook that shows the bats swooping near the ceiling, while Instagram user @cocolarumbera posted a video of bats coming extremely close to humans in a food aisle while everyone remained cool and collected.

Shopper Christy White told KSAT, “It definitely makes shopping for your produce interesting…There were people standing there, stopping in the aisles and watching them, and kids who were a little bit upset about the bats coming at them.”

Bats in the Walmart

Your eyes are not deceiving you, there is a bat infestation at a Texas Walmart. See the video and what the store is doing about the problem.MORE —>

Posted by KSAT 12 & on Tuesday, January 9, 2018