Battleship Texas Closed to Fix a 3-Foot Hole

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Launched in 1912, the Battleship Texas is the only remaining Battleship that served in both WWI and WWII, says TPWD. Since it’s already passed its 100th birthday, the ship is known to take in water from leaks. writes that repairs are often made on the iconic ship, especially on the hull.

The Superintendent of San Jacinto State Historic Site Complex, Bill Irwin, told that this time a 3-foot-wide hole needed to be patched before guests could visit the ship again. “T&T Marine Salvage is handling the repairs, which entails removing the old patches and replacing them with new ones. To completely fix the hull we’d have to take the battleship out of the water, draining the area around it,” he explained.

Unfortunately, the closure’s timing was very undesired since the historical site had to be shut down on Veterans Day and the following day. Now, it’s open to the public once more.

Those interested in learning more about Battleship Texas should check out the Instagram page for the historic site. It features incredible old photos and postcard drawings along with snippets of history written in the captions. Who knew that in the 1930s someone on board the ship dressed up as King Neptune for a Crossing the Equator ceremony?