How Do You BBQ?: Grills, Prep, Meats, and Methods

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Barbecuing is not as complicated as it looks. For those that are just starting to find their way around a grill, there are a few first steps before simply throwing some meat on the ‘cue. And for those who are no longer newbies, there are some helpful links to recipes here that might get you fired up and ready to go. What are the tricks of the trade? How do you prep and what rubs or sauces do you use? We follow up the recipe links with some great tips and tricks you might already know or may need to add to your Texas barbecue arsenal!

Which Barbecue to Use? Charcoal or Gas?

How Do You BBQ: Grills, Prep, Meats and Methods

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Despite the pros and cons that are ardently provided on either side of the fence, there isn’t necessarily one superior type of barbecue over another. There are pros and cons to both grilling methods, so it’s really your call!

Charcoal Barbecue

Both upscale and inexpensive models are easy to find, they get very hot (bonus for steak!), and you get a nice smoky flavor to your meal. Some downsides are that you need to manually light them (sometimes tough) and preheat for a minimum of 20 minutes…and you get to play with fire!

Gas Barbecue

Although typically pricier, a cost-effective gas barbecue can also be found. They’re convenient, you can also add a smoky flavor (with the use of a smoker box and wood chips), and they’re easier to clean. The cons seem to only consist in the parts that can break on them, and replacement often means replacement of the entire grill.

Prepping the Meat For Best Barbecue

How Do You BBQ: Grills, Prep, Meats and Methods
Photo: Flickr/Yun Huang Yong

Like they say in this post, “Great grilling takes practice.” And what better way to try than with a dry rub chicken recipe. Almost everyone loves chicken, and on a barbecue…man! And if at first you don’t succeed, trying over and over again can’t exactly hurt. Here’s the pin for barbecued dry-rubbed chicken. Cook away cookie!

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