Officials Urging Texans to be Mindful When Visiting the Beach After 2 Sea Turtles Found Dead

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For animal lovers, pictures of two crushed adult sea turtles found along the Texas coast in Brazoria County near San Luis Pass and Surfside Beach are too horrific to view. Though no one can be completely certain that the turtles were run over by cars on the beach, the shattered shells point to vehicles (and their drivers) as the problem.

“We’re not absolutely sure that they got run over, but we know that people drive too fast,” KHOU quotes Henry Peker of The Turtle Patrol. “We want to send out a message to please be careful. Turtles are nesting this time of year, this is the prime time.”

According to the experts, nesting season for sea turtles lasts from early April through the middle of July. And this year, The Turtle Island Restoration Project says that the number of nests has already reached record highs this year! Last year, 209 nests were reported, and this year, 295 have been counted so far.

So while many Texas beaches allow for cars and smaller motorized vehicles to drive up for the perfect spot on the beach, people must go slow and pay attention to the creatures who live on our beaches, especially at night.