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Beached Baby Dolphin is Saved on Texas Gulf Coast

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A stranded baby dolphin was given a second chance at life thanks to a good Samaritan in Texas. Spotting the baby floundering in the surf, the gentleman, whose video of the incident was aired on the Weather Channel, gently assisted the dolphin back out into the ocean without causing additional strain to the animal. Posted to the channel’s Facebook account on June 3, it was clear that the animal was in need of some help.

Seeing the stranded creature, the guy quickly goes to work gently lifting it beneath its midriff and assisting it to reach a depth at which it could swim solo, successfully. Walking it out into the surf, the baby dolphin then wriggles its tail and takes off into open water.

Featured on the Weather Channel Facebook page, the video lasts all of 35 seconds, showing the compassion and capability we, as humans, can have for other species. With just over 2,000 views within the two hours that it had been posted (when this article was written), we’re sure it has reached an audience that has the same type of compassion and empathy. We’re unsure as to the dolphin’s backstory, nor how the gentleman in the video happened to come upon it, but it’s definitely a fated meeting which was mutually beneficial. Although it often depends on what condition a beached animal can be in, according to a researcher’s comments from a similar circumstance, putting it back into the water is the best thing that should be done.