Beagle Gets Adorably Distracted on Obstacle Course at Dog Show

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“Don’t be a beagle, don’t be a beagle!” might not sound like the most sane thing to say to a pet beagle, but the announcer at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show wanted to will Mia the Beagle into a more focused obstacle-course running breed. Luckily for Mia, she had a calm handler who was able to get her back on track time and time again as she ran a course that earned her quite a few laughs.

“Huge shout out to that young lady handling her! Great job getting her back on track and completing a tuff course under extreme stress with a huge smile on her face! Great job!” Beth Lynn commented on Fox Sports 1’s post about Mia and her trainer’s valiant attempt at running the brightly colored obstacle course during the dog show. Mia took a few moments to sniff the ground, herself, and even check out the full audience surrounding her. And she gained fans for looking cute while doing so.

As Inside Edition points out, Mia might not have won the agility contest, but she stole the show! Check out her adorable antics in the video below or the unedited video here.