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Beaumont Residents Told to Watch Out at the Bank Due to ‘Jugging’ Incidents

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On Tuesday, the Beaumont Police posted to Facebook that locals should be aware that several cases of “jugging” had taken place. “Jugging” refers to when a thief watches someone leave a bank with cash and follows them to their next location where they break into their car and steal the money.

According to 12 News Now, four cases have occurred lately in Beaumont, Groves, and Jefferson County. Each time, the victims have found their car windows smashed when they returned to their vehicle after going inside a second location after the bank.

Beaumont police officer Carol Riley told the news about one woman who was a victim of theft. “She left the bank, had her child in the vehicle, got out for a moment. Before she got back into her car, the person had busted the window out, took the money or took a bag they felt that the money was in, and didn’t mess with the child but probably scared the child,” Officer Riley said.

The Beaumont Police recommend that citizens put their money out of sight before leaving the bank and always be aware of their surroundings. If someone thinks they’re being followed, they should call 911 and tell the dispatcher where they are and where they’re headed. “Criminals often prey upon our inattentiveness and exploit those opportunities. If something doesn’t look right, please don’t be reluctant to report your suspicions to the bank or credit union you are visiting, or simply call 911,” they wrote on Facebook.