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Beautiful Bulverde in the Texas Hill Country: Abundant Settlements for Abundantly Clear Reasons

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Located 22 miles to the north of San Antonio and 19 miles from New Braunfels, Bulverde is considered a gateway to the Texas Hill Country as well as the newest city in the Lone Star State. Incorporated in 1999, Bulverde has the honor of sitting in Comal County, nearest Cibolo Creek, which is one of its many outstanding natural features. Fish and game are abundant in the area, which may have been one of the reasons that Native Americans first settled the area. Following that, the Spaniards arrived and tried to “civilize” the populace through the construction of Christian missions, and even later still, the Germans settled here, originally naming the area Peiper’s Settlement. It took the name Bulverde in 1879 after one of the original landowners, and German surnames still abound in the area today.

Beautiful Bulverde in the Texas Hill Country: Abundant Settlements for Abundantly Clear Reasons

Photo: Facebook/Tejas Rodeo Company

Although in close proximity to large urban centers, Bulverde maintains the Texas Hill Country, small-town-esque atmosphere. The 2010 census revealed a population which was nearing 5,000, with a cross-section that was fairly typical of a Texas town this size. The town is also home to the Tejas Rodeo Company, which produces approximately 40 rodeos per year, providing limitless options for family fun if you’re in the market. This seasonal rodeo venue also offers a steakhouse and bar and a live-music stage. Visitors can stay on the property in the Bunkhouse or the Casita, but if accommodations on the premises aren’t possible, there’s also good lodging to be had in Bulverde in the form of a traditional hotel chain.

Beautiful Bulverde in the Texas Hill Country: Abundant Settlements for Abundantly Clear Reasons

Photo: Facebook/The Nature Conservancy in Texas

If natural wonders are more your style, the Natural Bridge Caverns, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, and the Bracken Bat Cave are all nearby, as well as Guadalupe State Park. Each one of these features offers distinctly different opportunity to be in or enjoy nature. The caverns are toured with a guide and will require small steps and patience. Kids will enjoy it but will require supervision. The wildlife ranch is a wonderful exhibition of various safari-type species. Home to 500 animals and six miles of roadway through which to tour and observe, it’s a great expedition for the whole family. Bracken Bat Cave is an amazing experience in wildlife behavior. Once there you’ll be given a history of the cave as well as the species of bat, you’ll take a small hike to the observation area where you can sit comfortably, and finally you’ll get to watch as these amazing creatures fly off in all directions way over your head (you’re not in any precarious position) like the great spectacle you would imagine it to be! And last but not least, Guadalupe State Park offers visitors hiking, swimming, and tubing opportunities to spend the day keeping cool and touring the trails of the Texas Hill Country, all within a 15-minute-drive from beautiful Bulverde.