Beauty in the Forgotten: Drone Footage of an Abandoned School

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Tony Maples Photography


Used for just a short time, in the grand scheme of things, the school in Mosheim, Texas, has been left empty since the late 1960s. This town of roughly 50 people is small in comparison to most places in the Lone Star State, but that wasn’t always the case. At one point, it was a place where families were working and growing (and learning) until a couple of turns in the economy and U.S. history gave it a new direction. Now the school has sat silent for almost six decades with few people aware of its existence until now. Drone footage of the school at Mosheim was captured and shared on YouTube as recently as last year.

Xplore RC filmed drone footage of the building, which was constructed during the 1920s and was dedicated in 1930. At its height of educating the local youth, the school had a study hall, an auditorium, seven classrooms, a library, and a superintendent’s office. Check out the drone video below!

Video: YouTube/Xplore RC

Shared on the Xplore RC YouTube channel video footage of the Mosheim school is eerie, to say the least. By 1941, the town had reached a population of approximately 200, which was the highest it would ever get. Roughly half of those were students who attended this school, and at the time, close to 10 seniors made up each graduating class. From 1960 through to the tail-end of the decade, the school was open for grades Kindergarten through eight, and the Mosheim high school students went to other districts close by. But by the end of the ‘60s, it was repurposed as a community center, and shortly thereafter, it closed for good. Over the years, it has become the canvas for a variety of graffiti, but not that which you might think. Instead of vulgar references, the school boasts colorful displays of such things like “Beauty in the Forgotten.” Since capturing this footage in 2019, the building has decayed even further. However, the video remains as proof that Mosheim, Texas, was once a place of hopes, plans, and the American dream.