Beer: Buy Local & Make it a ‘Hoppy’ Holiday for Someone You Love

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With flavors that dance on the palate including chocolate and cinnamon, a hearty Texas-made beer in a six-pack is a great Christmas gift idea. Yule Shoot Your Eye Out, made by Karbach Brewing Co, not only tastes great (with hints of cinnamon, ginger, cocoa, nutmeg, and orange peel), but it’s a coveted treat to sip around the tree in parts of south Texas. Or how about French Toast breakfast beer by 8th Wonder Brewery? (No, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drink it at breakfast, but whatever floats your boat…) Brewed with cinnamon sticks, maple syrup, and whole vanilla beans, this beer could give your standard mulled wine a run for its money in the Christmas spirits category!

If something a little more “traditional” is your style, consider a bottle of Shiner Holiday Cheer. Brewed using roasted pecans and real Texas peaches, the company touts it as a great fireside beverage. Who doesn’t want to relax with a good beer after having put out the gifts, baked six dozen cookies, cleaned the house for company, and defrosted the turkey? Having the time to relax in the rush is nothing short of a Christmas beeracle!

Beer: Buy Local & Make it a 'Hoppy' Holiday for Someone You Love

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Having a beer at Christmas has always been a bit of meme (in layman’s terms: a joke) around the holiday season in that instead of leaving Santa some milk and cookies, kids might consider leaving him a draft or two, and maybe a pickled egg while they’re at it. In truth, however, the art of making beer has been developed into a craft that has seen its fair share of accolades but isn’t necessarily given its just deserts. Texas is known for being miles ahead in the industry. With over 200 craft breweries and new entities establishing themselves annually, there’s a seemingly endless array of new beers worthy of your Christmas consumption, if not outright gift-giving. Whatever your taste, style, and interests, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t have a hoppy holiday.