Beer-Toting Burros Are the Life of the Party in Dripping Springs

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Alisha Randig, owner of Texas Hill Country Events, started booking traveling beer burros through her business located in Dripping Springs, carrying beverages, party favors, and food to guests while they attended local soirées. Although it was a concept that Randig didn’t originally plan for, it quickly became practically a requisite at some of the Hill Country events she organized and catered to. Since then, her company has gone from the basic provision of bartenders to training them on how to lead the beer-toting burros throughout event venues.

After a special request was made by a barbecue location in the Texas Hill Country, handlers at the Randig’s company quickly began learning how to load miniature donkeys’ pack-saddles with bundles of beer. When she found two of these animals via a Craigslist advertisement, it made sense to enlist their services regularly at event venues as opposed to a one-time deal. Their names were Annie Oakley and John Wayne, and from their first time out, the requests came pouring in.

This video, shared by KTBC Fox 7 Austin, shows the great success this service met when Randig rolled it out at Texas Hill Country Events, and now the company owns at least seven of these beer-serving burros! Randig originally knew she was going to need assistance training her new employees, so she contacted Dennis Moore in Blanco, owner of the Buggy Barn Museum. Together, they trained the new crew for two months and the proper care and handling of the animals were thoroughly explained to Randig and her staff. Now, these mini marvels make their rounds at each event they’re booked for, serving guests from their packs and blending in with the crowd! They work well at Texas-themed weddings in the Dripping Springs vicinity as well (the unofficial wedding capital of the Lone Star State). It’s a match made in Texas!