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Beloved Texas Cookie Company to Expand to New State

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The Texas cookie company, Tiff’s Treats, that is a staple in the Hill Country is expanding to its first location outside of Texas this summer.

Started in 1999 by two University of Texas students, Tiff’s Treats is an Austin-based cookie company that has expanded to over 22 stores across the state. As Austin Culture Map reported, the company received “over $14 million in funding last year to pursue an ‘aggressive’ expansion plan,” which has paid off big time for Tiff’s Treats.

The company will open its first outpost out of state this summer in Atlanta, Georgia, much to the delight of Texan transplants to Georgia who desperately miss the cookie’s delivery service. As Tiff’s Treats has already expanded to the Mueller neighborhood, Cedar Park, and downtown San Antonio over the last seven months, the store opening in Georgia is expected to be smooth.

Four of Tiff’s Treats hardworking staff are relocating to Atlanta to help get the storefront off the ground with hopes of opening two more stores by the end of the year if all goes well.

Let us say in advance, Georgia, you are so welcome for this Texas cookie company that has been satisfying our sweet teeth for over 17 years!