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Beloved Cypress Creek Cafe Consumed by Fire

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Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberley experienced $750K in damages after the kitchen caught fire around 2 a.m on Monday, May 30, 2017. This beloved cafe was a safe haven after the 2015 floods when it was one of the few central establishments with power.

30 firefighters responded to the fire, and within four minutes had to exit the building due to an explosion. The fire crew contained the fire around 4:30 am.

Thankfully, the owners who lived above the cafe were alerted to the fire by alarms and were able to escape. Sadly, one dog and two cats have not been found and have been presumed dead.

The initial damages are estimated at $750K, including the roof that caved in. The entire cafe is considered a total loss.

Wimberley Mayor, Mac McCollough responded to the loss by saying, “It’s our hub and it’s what we set ourselves around when we’re trying to get through a loss or when we experience something and now, for one of those pieces that is so centric, to be totally wiped out, that’s going to take a hard lick on us.”

Locals looking to donate, an Ozona Bank Account has been created with the account number of 20186549. For non-locals, there is a go fund me page to contribute.

As a community that has endured extensive loss, it is a tragedy that will take some time to grieve to be able to begin to pick up the pieces and move forward. As it is, the owners now face the tough decision to rebuild or demolish the building.