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Beloved Samson, a Longhorn of Spring, Texas, Gets a Police Escort Home

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Leading home a Texas longhorn steer (who goes by the name of “Samson”), a deputy takes the law into his own hands (yes, it’s a figure of speech) in a recent Facebook photo that was posted by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Seen on Sunday, May 20, 2018, the post was captioned, “Only in Texas!!! Our Deputies believe in ‘grabbing the bull by the horns’ to get the job done! Onto the next call!! Never a boring day! #Deputylife # CopLife #StruggleisReal.”

Samson isn’t a stranger to the news. He was rescued from a sinkhole during Hurricane Harvey and is now a local favorite. When you’re a Texas deputy, you have to understand that sometimes you’re going to have to wrangle more than just suspects. Alligators, snakes, and cattle do, in fact, make up a portion of calls. On his recent patrol in Spring, this deputy was able to calmly show this longhorn who was boss and lead him back to his pasture. The post had been shared over 5,000 times by Thursday, May 24.

Beloved Samson, a Longhorn of Spring, Texas, Gets a Police Escort Home

Photo: Pixabay.com

Getting a previous day in the limelight following a dramatic rescue, Samson has the support of the entire community of Spring, Texas. That’s a fact witnessed in the story by Chron.com: “Samson the Longhorn — a beloved neighborhood pet in Spring — got himself stuck in a sinkhole caused by rains from Harvey and thanks to a rally of neighbors in the area and Facebook posts, the animal was saved within hours. Kaeleigh Jordan, the operator of the Facebook group Rayford Road Round Up, lead the charge in reaching out to the community through Facebook to find help for the steer. She told Chron.com that within hours of posting a request for help of Samson, about 25 people responded to the plea.”