Bengal Cat and Otter Make For an Adorable, Unlikely Pair

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Watching unlikely animal friends should be a part of everyone’s weekly (or daily) YouTube video binge. This recently uploaded video from Bengal Cats called “Sam The Bengal Cat & Pip The Otter” only has 613K views at the moment, but clearly, more people need to see the calming cuteness of these two creatures playing and sharing a food bowl. At one point there’s even a cameo by a third unlikely companion – a parrot!

How do these animals get along so well? According to an interview with, Pia Cuijpers, their owner, was once a zookeeper who cared for Pip the otter pup who was not receiving enough milk from her mother. After caring for the otter around the clock, Pip survived and stayed under Cuijpers’s care. Later on, Cuijpers acquired Sam. Knowing that Bengal’s are wild at heart and need a lot of stimulation and playtime, she hoped that the two would bond. Amazingly, they took to each other quickly! “They were playing together, sleeping together, grooming each other and even sometimes eating together,” Cuijpers said.

Pip the Otter also has her own popular Instagram page with over 37K followers. It co-stars Sam and includes occasional appearances from Red and Silver, two black-headed Caiques.