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National Coffee Day: Best Cities in the United States for Coffee

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With fall officially here and cooler weather settling in, it’s time to make the switch from iced to hot coffee. Though this transition may occur later in Texas than in other parts of the country, you can still celebrate National Coffee Day with whatever form of coffee suits your fancy. In a recent study of the country, WalletHub discovered the best and worst cities for coffee.

National Coffee Day Freebies

Cup of Coffee for National Coffee Day

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This Friday, September 29, the country celebrates coffee with a variety of freebies at coffee shops. In the Hill Country, check out Cinnabon for a free 12-ounce coffee. 7-Eleven will give a free coffee to its rewards program members through October 1, and the following week new members will get a free coffee. Show a coupon at Pilot Travel Centers to redeem your free coffee on September 29. If you find yourself in Austin on National Coffee Day, you will get a free can of High Brew Cold Brew Coffee when you take a Lyft ride. Dunkin Donuts offers a medium coffee for free when you buy one, and Krispy Kreme will give away hot and iced coffees.


Wallethub Analyzed Several Factors to Find the Best Cities for National Coffee Day

Photo: Pixabay/Geralt

In determining the best cities for coffee lovers in the U.S., WalletHub used 14 factors. These included the cost of a cappuccino, number of households that own coffeemakers, the Google searches for coffee in that city, number of doughnut shops per capita, and more. The highest score any city could get was 100 after totaling the 14 subscores. But overall scores did not reach that high. The top city for coffee lovers in the United States only reached a total score of 68.58, while the bottom city got a score of 14.52.

Best and Worst Cities for Coffee Lovers Overall

Seattle ranked as the top city for coffee lovers

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The top city, as expected, for coffee lovers was Seattle, Washington. This Starbucks hometown also ranked in the top spot for the greatest number of affordable, 4.5-star coffee shops per capita, for the most coffee shops per capita, and for the most coffee and tea manufacturers per capita. Laredo, Texas came in last as it also had the fewest coffee shops per person in addition to its low overall score.

Other Interesting Findings

Coffee Cup and Computer

Photo: www.pexels.com

Apparently, people in California and New England love their coffee. The cities with the highest number of adult coffee drinkers were Newark, New Jersey, Jersey City, New Jersey, New York, New York, San Bernardino, California, and Oakland, California. Jersey City, New Jersey also has the cheapest price for a cappuccino in the U.S. If you purchase coffee beans by the pound, you will want to live in Miami or San Antonio, since these two ranked as first and second for the cheapest per pound price for coffee.

Texas Hill Country City Rankings

San Antonio ranked as one of the best cities for cheap coffee beans

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Cities of the Texas Hill Country ranked both high and low, depending on the metric used. Overall, Austin came in at 18, and San Antonio ranked 69. But San Antonio placed second for cheapest coffee beans per pound. Unfortunately, San Antonio’s score dropped because it ranked 86 for the number of coffee and tea manufacturers per capita, placing it in the bottom five for that metric. Regardless of the rankings, though, you can still find great coffee shops in the Texas Hill Country. Visit one on September 29 to celebrate National Coffee Day.