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Best Swimming Holes to Visit This Summer

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Insider Travel recently shared a beautiful video on some of the best swimming holes you’ll find in Texas. With summer around the corner and vacations rearing to go these spots are sure to make a few buckets lists to visit. These hidden jewels are found among some of the most beautiful landscapes around the Hill Country and beyond. Great places to escape the Texas heat and dive into a gem of a hideaway. Maybe not the first place you would think of taking a dip, but definitely, places you won’t soon forget.

Among the notable swimming holes mentioned are some of the most visited and popular among visitors and locals alike.

Hamilton Pool Reserve is located in Dripping Springs, TX. This swimming hole usually requires a reservation in the summer. Only 23 miles from Austin, this place will make you feel as if you are on the perfect getaway complete with a waterfall and beautiful lush surroundings, creating an oasis of paradise.

Jacobs Well in Wimberley, TX is also highlighted as one of the best little swimming holes to escape to. Not as popular, and hidden among trees and shrubs, it still inspires the avid adventurer. On any given visit you may see a few brave souls diving in, although this is not recommended.

Barton Springs Pool in Austin, TX is a favorite swimming hole attracting record-setting crowds. With its temperature of 68 degrees, it is sure to cool you off during those hot summer months. A little history shared by is that “Robert Redford learned to swim at the pool when he was five years old while visiting family in Austin.”

The Blue Hole is another swimming hole not to be outdone by the rest. It is nestled within the quaint town of Wimberley and surrounded by the beauty of large trees, peaceful trails, and picturesque views of the great outdoors.

Do you have a favorite swimming hole you want to share with us?