Best Thanksgiving Movies: Reminding Us To Be Grateful

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At Thanksgiving, we love to get together with family, eat, talk, tell jokes, and generally have a good time. But, when all is said-and-done, the table it cleaned, dishes are put away, and Uncle Ralph has told his last off-color story for the evening, it’s time to get down to brass tacks and pick our favorite holiday-themed movie to relax to.

Best Thanksgiving Movies: Reminding Us to be Grateful

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The folks at How Stuff Works managed to compile a list of what they believe to be the 10 best Thanksgiving movies, and you may or may not agree. Some of you might even be aware of some they missed which, for whatever reason, will always be a mainstay on your holiday TV-watching playlists. Here are the top 10, ranging from least to best (but really…could there be a least?!) for Thanksgiving movies to watch and enjoy:

  • “Alice’s Restaurant”
  • “Dutch”
  • “Pieces of April”
  • “The New World”
  • “Pocahontas”
  • “Home for the Holidays”
  • “Son-In-Law”
  • “The Blind Side”
  • “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”
  • “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”

Again, you may or may not agree with this listing. You may even have some unique titles to add to this list. If so, what are your favorites? What movie or seasonal program makes a Texas Thanksgiving complete when you get the chance to sit down and watch it? And, what movie reminds you most of all to be grateful for all the things you have instead of focusing on those that you do not. Many blessing this Thanksgiving, and those to come, and may there be many happy holiday movie fests in your future!