Only the Very Best Things About Texas Are in This Article

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Texas has so much to offer, that it’s extremely hard to narrow down even a shortlist of what are the best things. Yet, there’s just something about the state – whether you live here or you’re just visiting – that sets it apart from the rest. It’s unique landscape across all regions together with the many wonderful people that live here make it truly one of the most amazing places to see and live in. That being said, here is a list of only the very best things about Texas that keep us here and keep others coming back for more!

1. The Scenery

Only the Very Best Things About Texas are in This Article

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Texas truly is a diverse place. You can see fields of wildflowers, cruise through rolling hills, tube down gorgeous rivers, or drive and hike through some beautiful terrain in West Texas. You’ll be hard-pressed to find more beautiful options in one state, and for those that enjoy photography, taking pictures of our state flower, our North Texas landscapes, or our beautiful Gulf Coast sunrises and sunsets will require investment in some great equipment, or at the very least, extra storage space on your hard drive.

2. The Food

Only the Very Best Things About Texas are in This Article

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Regardless of your food preferences, there is something for everyone in Texas. If fine dining is your thing, check out one of Houston’s numerous restaurants which have graced top-ten lists for years running. Or, grab a sweet kolache at any of the Texas Hill Country bakeries. Try the amazing Mexican-inspired cuisines in South Texas or look for some epic Texas barbecue. And, when you’re all done eating all that you can, why not wash it down with a beer from a craft brewery, or a wine from one of our local wineries? We even have award-winning whiskeys on tap!

3. The Great Outdoors

Only the Very Best Things About Texas are in This Article

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Texas has something for each and every type of outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, the state of Texas is known for many a great outdoor pastime. Its bird and bat-watching are second-to-none, its countless miles of hiking and biking trails range from beginner to expert, and the water sports are absolutely amazing – from fly-fishing through paddling, tubing, and simple pleasure-boating. The wide variety of fun activities you can do outdoors to get back to nature in Texas is definitely one of the best things about this state.

4. The Festivals

Only the Very Best Things About Texas are in This Article

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Texas has some of the best festivals in America. There’s something to do practically every weekend throughout this great state and for a number of interests. In February, one can get their Mardi Gras on at a number of great places throughout the Lone Star State. The bluebonnet is celebrated fiercely in Texas and draws crowds for festivals in the spring. Barbecue cook-offs, chili cook-offs, and even chicken fried steak festivals dot our calendars through the summer and fall. Live music scenes are also a large part of our parties, and our Oktoberfest celebrated in the Hill Country has been known to draw a large group of tourists from throughout the nation. Trade days, antique fairs, and car shows are also great draws and never disappoint. Festivals are definitely one of the very best things about Texas.

5. The People

Only the Very Best Things About Texas are in This Article

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You can’t very well put together a list of the very best things about Texas without making note of the people. Texans are what make this state so wonderful. Whether they’re hiking at a local park, two-stepping across a dance hall floor, or helping their neighbor, the people of Texas are what make it a memorable and unique place. The state’s diverse heritage allows it to have such tradition and culture…not to mention amazing food. The people of Texas are ultimately the very best thing about it.