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The Best of Wurstfest 2015

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By Ashlee Kirkland

It’s that time of year again for New Braunfels’ local German Food Festival, Wurstfest! Thousands of people have traveled from all around Texas to experience this unique event, full of incredible food and entertainment, since 1961. The festival kicks off November 6 and runs through November 15. With 10 full days of cooking, there will be plenty of time to eat all of the popular favorites. So what are the must-have foods to indulge in this year?

Here’s this year’s countdown of the “Best 5 of Wurstfest” foods people will be salivating while standing in line to try.

5. Fried Oreos


Photo: @barbrajow via Twenty20

America’s favorite cookie is re-invented into Wurstfest’s very own sweet treat. As if they are not sumptuous enough straight from the package, try having them breaded with a pancake flour mix, followed by deep frying, and topped with powdered sugar. These splendid treats will have everyone eating dessert before AND after dinner.

4. Fried Blooming Onion


Photo: @Gravityx9 via Twenty20

This deep fried plate of heaven has its scent all over the festival. Split open into a blooming onion, which is slightly breaded with deliciously spiced flour. Once it’s fried, they serve it with ranch dipping sauce to top it off. Get extra napkins.

3. Pork Chop on a Stick

Oh my gosh, who doesn’t love this?! Soaked in marinade, skewered grilled pork chops are a Wurstfest Staple. They are delectable and juicy… and paired with a roll to soak it all up. The best part? They’re only $5.00, and worth every cent.

2. Potato Pancake with Applesauce

This signature dish creates the LONGEST line, but it’s so worth the wait. Its hash brown texture formed into a potato delight is known as the potato pancake. The potato pancake is served with a side of applesauce, just like they do in Germany. The applesauce adds flavor and texture to each bite that pairs O’ so well together. Don’t forget to lick your lips!

1. Sausage!!


Photo: @nikolay_2002 via Twenty20

Of course, the reason for the festival – and what started it all is – “The Sausage!” Try the sausage sampler on a stick and taste five different flavors like jalapeno or cheddar. Pair with one of the 55 featured favorite Beers of the Opas on tap. Throughout all of the years that the festival has taken place, the traditional German Sausage recipes have remained steadfast. So, needless to say, come hungry!