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The Bexar County Fire Marshal Found Their Beloved K-9, Villy

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Villy is back! On Friday, the Bexar County Fire Marshal’s Office alerted the public that they were on the lookout for their K-9 friend. KSAT explained that Villy was close to retirement due to his age, and he needed some special care, so officials were very concerned about where the dog had gone.

Bexar County Fire Marshal Chris Lopez told the news he was alerted to an area where Villy was seen. “I follow the tracks. I get to where there’s some vehicle tracks and guess what, no more Villy tracks. Somebody stopped and picked him up.” Thankfully, the search ended Monday evening when Villy was found.

Though the Bexar County Fire Marshal didn’t post any details when they initially wrote about Villy’s return. Laura Robertson commented on the Facebook post, “My father found him in tall grass and fed and water him. No one hurt him i promise you that.” From there, the Bexar County Fire Marshal/Office of Emergency Management replied, “He was picked up just outside the fence of the house. We are grateful he was honest and returned him.” Robertson then posted, “Of course my dad is a ex police officer my best friend is a k9 sgt. A good friend works for the fire marshal office. As soon as he found out he made contact.”