A Big Bright Meteor Fell Through The Sky in the Midwest

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Tony Maples Photography


On early Monday morning around 1:25 a.m. many people in the midwestern United States were alarmed to hear a sonic boom followed by a light streaking through the sky from a flying object flying, instantly illuminating everything in its path. The object has been identified as a meteor, and people could see it from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana.

Even though it happened while most residents were asleep, the New York Times reports that over 350 people reported the sighting. The Times explains that “William B. Cook, a NASA meteor expert, reported in an email to NASA headquarters that the fireball originated about 60 miles above West Bend, Wis., moving about 38,000 miles an hour toward the northeast before disintegrating about 21 miles above Lake Michigan.”

Luckily, many vehicle dashcams and home security cameras recorded the unexpected sight. compiled several videos that were posted after the event on Twitter and YouTube. The University of Wisconsin – Madison Police Department posted their own video to Facebook. Alumni Ross Pattermann commented, “Are we absolutely certain it was not, in fact, Optimus Prime crash landing to Earth?” Others commented about how incredible the sight was.

Yahoo News reports that officials aren’t positive, but the meteor most likely broke into pieces in the sky and fell into the water as its aftermath hasn’t been found.