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Big Bugs Exhibit Invades Houston Zoo With Larger-Than-Life Specimens

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The Big Bugs exhibit now happening at the Houston Zoo will be open through the end of summer, giving visitors a rather large look at animatronic bugs which are close to 60 times their normal size. Featuring 17 insects, the exhibit works to assist zoo visitors in becoming familiar with some of Earth’s bugs that seem more alien-like in appearance.

While the bugs aren’t real, they might possibly seem scary to some people. Visitors can expect to see some very large spiders, huge black ants, and giant ladybugs, among other types of insect species. Arachnophobes and any other “phobes” might want to consider steering clear of the exhibit if this isn’t the sort of thing they want to see while visiting the Houston Zoo!

Big Bugs Exhibit Invades Houston Zoo With Larger-Than-Life Specimens

Photo: Facebook/Houston Zoo

Although people have legitimate fears about these creatures, the exhibit’s purpose is to educate those who are comfortable seeing them up close with respect to the “important role each bug plays in nature and how we can all help to protect each species. From pest control and food maker to crop protector and forest recycler, we could not live without these bugs,” explains the zoo’s website.

Tickets for the Houston Zoo’s Big Bugs exhibit are $19.95 for children and $22.95 for adults, which includes all-day access to the big bugs, a unique conservation bracelet, unlimited wildlife carousel rides (for kids), and zoo admission.