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Big Country: A Tour Through Time & Culture in the Texas Great Plains

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From the details we brought you on the collection of Concho River freshwater pearls, to great gourmet dining that can be had at Buffalo Gap’s Perini Ranch Steakhouse, the thrills that travelers of Big Country in Texas can have range from unexpected pleasure to anticipated enjoyment. These next few stops in the Lone Star State are no slouches in either of those departments.

Big Country: A Tour Through Time & Culture in the Texas Great Plains

Photo: Facebook/Visit San Angelo

One can immerse themselves in the 19th Century with a visit to Fort Concho National Historical Landmark, which was originally established on the banks of the Concho River in 1867. Step back in time as you revel in the process of protecting frontier settlements in an era when patrolling and mapping the vastness that is West Texas was a necessity for safe expansion into the American West. Built from local limestone (for the most part), the fort originally consisted of 40 buildings and covered an expanse of more than 1,600 acres.

Big Country: A Tour Through Time & Culture in the Texas Great Plains

Photo: Facebook/San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

After a visit and tour of the fort’s facilities, move forward in time and take a tour of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts. Including an exceptional collection of modern and fashionable American ceramics, among its other fine artworks, the museum seeks to keep a permanent collection of contemporary art together with traveling exhibits which both educate and interest its visitors. For a full listing of current, upcoming, as well as prior displays, together with hours and upcoming events, please visit the museum website and coordinate your visit.

Big Country: A Tour Through Time & Culture in the Texas Great Plains

Photo: Facebook/Dan Still

While you’re looking to add some culture to your life, the Grace Museum in Abilene features fine arts, local historical detail, and a kids’ museum component in a one-stop-shop. They hold a number of special events as well as classes for children and family as well as adult programming. You can also soak up some local history with a visit to Fort Phantom Hill. Located north of the city, visitors can visit the fort from dawn until dusk, free of charge, and enjoy self-guided tours of the 38-acre site. For those that look to experience more of the history of rural Big Country, south of the fort approximately 14 miles sits the Buffalo Gap Historic Village. Boasting over a dozen buildings of the period ranging from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, the village gives visitors a view into life in Texas at a time when the pace was just a little bit slower. Living-history interpreters are also on-site to bring this time on the Texas frontier to life for you and your family. Enjoy these sites and all that the Big Country in Texas has to offer!

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