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The State Fair’s Tastiest Offerings: Big Tex Choice Awards Finalists

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The 14th Annual Big Tex Choice Awards finalists have been announced for this year’s State Fair of Texas. And, although many of you may think these awards simply feature the most extreme in food fads, the truth of it appears to be tastier than that.

On August 15, the Fair announced the awards finalists, which included such things as a “Texas Twang-kie” and none other than a “Texas Fried Hill Country.” All of the finalists are competing in three categories that include “Best Taste — Sweet,” “Best Taste — Savory,” and “Most Creative.” Here’s a quick synopsis of the food conglomerations for which you should prepare your taste buds.

Big Tex Choice Awards Finalists Bring Their A-Game to 2018
Photo: Facebook/Terry Bloss

Cotton Candy Taco (Sweet Category)

A graham cracker waffle cone holds this amazingly sweet treat! Formed into a taco shape, it’s then filled with a marshmallow glaze, topped off with chocolate, a roasted marshmallow, and finally, organic cane sugar cotton candy. To finish it off, two biscuit sticks, which are covered in chocolate cream, as well as chocolate cookie crumbles and marshmallows, are added to the top.

Arroz con Leche (Sweet Crispy Rice, and also in the Sweet Category)

Coated in crispy rice cereal (think “Snap, Crackle, and Pop”), this battered, cinnamon-spiced rice ball is a deep-fried food lover’s delicacy. Paired with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream, the ball is also sprinkled with powdered vanilla and a caramel sauce drizzle before being topped with a powdered cinnamon crown.

Fernie’s Orange You Glad We Fried It?! (Sweet Category)

A flaky puff pastry dough turnover filled with a custard-style filling of orange preserves, chiffon orange cake, and fresh whipped cream, this little number gets a powdered sugar dusting before you pop it in your mouth. It also comes garnished with a citrus slice and two dipping sauces.

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