This Woman Doubled the Big Texan 72 oz. Steak Challenge, Broke a Record

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Eating contests are no joke, but what would you say if we told you that a 120-pound woman broke the record for The Big Texan 72 oz. steak challenge?

Now multiply that 72 oz. steak by another 72 oz. steak, and that’s exactly what Molly Schuyler from Nevada did on her trip to Amarillo in 2014. She took part in the Big Texan Steak Challenge and crushed two entire steak meals in less than 20 minutes.

She proudly holds the record for the fastest consumption time for two meals. In the description of the YouTube video featured below, she says that she “hopes to do three whole meals under an hour.” This woman has more willpower than I’ve ever witnessed in my whole life.

So what exactly does a steak meal consist of besides that 72 oz. steak? Well, it includes “shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad, with roll, and butter.” The entire meal has to be cut by the person in the contest and finished by the person in the contest in under one hour for it to count as a victory. The meal is refunded entirely if the person can eat it all.

Consider those rules, then consider that Molly’s record focuses on her eating TWO of those meals.

Have you ever participated in the Big Texan Steak Challenge, or do you know someone who has? Watch Molly go at it in the video below.