Freaky Bigfoot Creature Spotted on Live Nature Webcam

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The CarbonTV website is home to the Michagan-based “Eagle Cam.” The page also features saved video clips of exciting happenings like a mother eagle feeding her young and baby eagles taking their first flight and leaving the nest when they’re strong enough. Though it’s extraordinary to watch these usually unseen parts of nature, all of these are expected moments – except for one. One webcam video’s title, “Bigfoot Sighting on Live Eagle Cam!”, stands out as an alarming oddity.

The clip is a little over one minute long, and it shows a strange figure wandering around and moving unexpectedly in the upper right corner of the screen. The baby eagles in the nest are not bothered by whoever or whatever they’re sharing the spotlight with. On one hand, it looks downright silly, on the other hand, it feels a bit creepy to watch!

Of course, viewers posted some comments in response to the video. OutdoorHub reposted the webcam video on YouTube, and many people logically expressed the logic that perhaps someone figured out where the camera was and planned a successful hoax. Others are perfectly happy to play along. “BIGFOOT SIGHTING ON MICHIGAN LIVE EAGLE CAM HAS CONVINCED ME! HE IS A WONDERFUL, MISUNDERSTOOD BEAST, AND HE ENJOYS HIS PRIVACY LIKE TOBEY MAGUIRE!” YouTube user aenteralus facetiously wrote.