‘Biggest Loser’ Host Recovering From Heart Attack at the Gym

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“Well I guess you all heard what happened. Two weeks ago yesterday I had a heart attack. I am feeling better. Just taking it easy,” trainer Bob Harper wrote a day ago on an Instagram post showing him sitting up in a hospital gown with his dog, Karl.

Harper, who is best known for his work as a host and trainer on the reality show “The Biggest Loser,” has been resting at home for a little over a week after the incident. ABC 13 reports that Harper spoke with TMZ during his recovery. He said the heart attack occurred while he was working at a gym in New York City. Thankfully, a doctor was working out nearby and was able to perform CPR on him after he suddenly collapsed. Despite medical efforts, Harper was unconscious for two days in the hospital.

“On the road to recovery. I’m required to wear these monitors to see what my heart is doing throughout the day,” he wrote on a new Instagram post of a selfie showing wires across his torso. Harper says that the support from his fans means a lot to him as he navigates through this difficult time.