Bike Ride Turns Into a Brief Bear Chase Scene in This Video

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A few years ago, a video went viral of a bear chasing a man through the woods on his bike until he reached a fallen tree limb where he was forced to run and hide until the beast gave up the hunt. While that video was clearly faked, a new video has emerged that will give viewers a similar thrill, but this time it’s real!

On May 8th, Dušan Vinžík uploaded a video he recorded from his GoPro while on a bike ride through the Malinô Brdo trail in Slovakia. The clip only lasts 36 seconds long, but you’re placed in the middle of the action where suddenly, a large creature comes charging through the trees at Vinžík’s friend. As PetaPixel puts it, “Fortunately for both of the bikers, the sound of the bikes and Vinžík yelling what we can only assume is a stream of Slovak expletives scared the bear back into the forest after only a few seconds.”

When the bear veers off to the right and into the woods, Vinžík and his fellow rider stop to regroup, noticing that the trail’s next turn would take them where the bear ran off. Not wanting to press their luck on another encounter, they keep their eyes peeled. It’s unclear who was more surprised by the quick meeting – the bear or the bike riders!