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This Texan is Riding His Bike Across America for a Great Cause

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Houstonian David Baldwin is on a 3,500-mile bike ride across 11 states to raise $13.5 million for The Center. As a large nonprofit located in Houston, The Center marks their mission as “promot[ing] the pursuit of choice, growth, and personal independence for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

Baldwin has supported The Center for years, and he recognizes that it’s experiencing a rough financial situation that may uproot many adults with disabilities who live there. Baldwin told ABC 13 that “in many cases we are the legal guardians of our clients, so that means families have entrusted us with the long-term viability to support their family members.”

David began his travels along the Pacific Ocean, and as of last week, he’s riding through Oregon. He plans on reaching the Atlantic Ocean on the fundraiser/awareness campaign journey he calls Pursuit.

Baldwin and his wife have already accumulated $11 million for The Center since January. The bike ride isn’t an easy one through high headwinds, but Baldwin has kept his spirits up: “Don’t wait to do tomorrow what God has giving you the opportunity to do today.”