Watch as This Bipedal Robot Does a Perfect Backflip

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“What have you been up to lately, Atlas?” the Boston Dynamics YouTube page casually captioned their new, incredible, one-minute long video that shows how “athletic” their robot Atlas has become. The video is currently trending on YouTube and leaving people with their jaws hanging open. At first, Atlas the robot demonstrates how it can jump from surface to surface flawlessly, then it masters a backflip and very humanly raises its arms in victory. Be sure to keep watching to catch the “bloopers” at the end of the video. Like a human, the robot doesn’t always land perfectly. stresses how difficult it is to get a bipedal robot to master these series of moves. “To be clear: Humanoids aren’t supposed to be able to do this. It’s extremely difficult to make a bipedal robot that can move effectively, much less kick off a tumbling routine. The beauty of four-legged robots is that they balance easily, both at rest and as they’re moving, but bipeds like Atlas have to balance a bulky upper body on just two legs,” they write.

Despite the logical hardships, Boston Dynamics continues to impress with these advancements, even if Atlas still faceplants from time to time.