Birthday Bundle by Whataburger Makes Other Parties Seem So Last Year

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Whataburger has gone and done it again. The fast-food chain that worked its way into the hearts of Texas foodies and inspired utter fandom has rolled out with a Whataburger Birthday Bundle to help you celebrate your next trip around the sun! Complete with party hats, balloons, candles for your cake, and even more, this perfect party pack comes in (what else?) the signature colors of orange and white.

Whataburger Birthday Bundle Makes Other Parties Seem So Last Year


There are many Texans who have opted to celebrate their birthday with Whataburger before, but now they can do it in the absolute best way possible through the themed bundle available on the company’s online store. If you’re wanting to throw the ultimate Whataburger-themed party, the birthday bundle has you covered with:

  • 12 orange and white striped plates
  • 12 happy birthday napkins
  • 12 orange balloons with white ribbon
  • 12 white balloons with orange ribbon
  • 12 party hats
  • 6 photo props
  • 1 happy birthday banner
  • 1 fry candle
  • 12 individual candles
Whataburger Birthday Bundle Makes Other Parties Seem So Last Year

Photo: Instagram/ashhzilla

For the low cost of $29.99, you or your child (but let’s be honest here… you’re shopping for you aren’t you?!) can have the Whataburger Birthday Bundle to celebrate in style. At present, it’s only available online. Hopefully, someday in the near future, it will be a package you can purchase directly for their dining rooms. This is just one of the innovative items that the Whataburger online store has recently added. The fast-food chain continues to find new ways to endear itself to its fanbase, and we keep eating it up (pun intended). They’ve produced jewelry in partnership with James Avery, ornaments, travel tumblers in partnership with Yeti, and even something called a “sportula,” which you’ll definitely need for your tailgating experiences. So get online and get all the swag you can handle. Then celebrate turning $29.99 instead of 30 (wink, wink) with the completely cool Whataburger Birthday Bundle. You won’t regret it!