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BISH Texas Students Take on Local Issues on a World-Wide Scale at UN

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Students from the British International School of Houston (BISH), presented their concepts on addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on New York City on July 14. BISH, a Nord Anglia Education school, sent 87 student ambassadors as representatives of their programs to present action plans to government representatives, UNICEF, the UN, and the President of the UN General Assembly, of which Hannah Leigh (aged 16), and Chase Koch (aged 17), were participants.

BISH Texas Students Take on Local Issues on A World-Wide Scale At UN

Photo: Facebook/Nothing But Nets

Nothing But Nets helps to provide mosquito netting for residents to use in the evenings and through the night in rural Sub-Sahara Africa, subsequently reducing the risk of contracting malaria from infected insects. Living in Houston’s humid climate, mosquitoes are an everyday issue, and while they play a key role in the local ecosystem, they are also known as carriers of significant disease. Through a number of in-school fund raising campaigns, the students are working to raise $7,500 by June of 2018 to assist the company to purchase night-time netting for kids. This amount equals the cost of one mosquito net for each child that has passed from malaria on any given day and is a long-term, simple solution which can help to reduce mosquito-borne illness worldwide.

BISH Texas Students Take on Local Issues on A World-Wide Scale At UN

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Students organized food drives and donations in conjunction with the Houston Food Bank and held awareness-raising events on the hunger issues that presently exist in Houston. Through their work, it was identified that one in six households in Texas currently struggle to avoid hunger. At 18.5%, the U.S Department of Agriculture identified that Texas also has the second highest rate of food insecurity in America. Of the projects they’re presently working on, Koch explained, “I’m beyond excited to be able to make a difference locally and collaborate with other Nord Anglia schools. Keeping with our school’s motto of ‘Be Ambitious,’ I hope that our endeavor to help raise money for malaria nets and for the local Houston Food Bank inspires other students to pursue activities to benefit others, as well as encourage other students to get involved with our project. I think this will be a great opportunity for not just Hannah and me, but also for our whole school!”

BISH Texas Students Take on Local Issues on A World-Wide Scale At UN

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Andrew Derry, Principal at British International School of Houston, stated, “I am extremely proud our students are making a significant social impact. I’m sure our students Hannah and Chase will represent our community’s values at the UN High-Level Political Forum side event. The Global Challenge empowers our students to take greater ownership of their passions, while embracing our core values of respect, unity and pride, and will help ensure they leave us fully prepared to compete and thrive on a global scale.” Launched in February of 2017, the Global Challenge included BISH as well as students from the 43 additional Nord Anglia international schools throughout the world, in efforts to bring communities one step closer towards achieving such goals.


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