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Boerne Boy Struck By Cars Twice on Busy Blanco Road

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The first day a child ventures off to school pedaling away by his own power on his bicycle should be a moment of pride for both child and parents. But for some parents and children in Boerne, the simple trek to school along Blanco Road is proving to be perilous.

Last Friday, October 14, “The Boerne Star” reported that one unfortunate child had been struck by a vehicle not once but twice on two separate occasions while at the same intersection. Both times the 12-year-old child was attempting to cross a driveway for Mary’s Tacos on Blanco Road when he was struck. Thankfully, the boy only received minor injuries in each incident. In the first incident, the driver of the car that hit the child stopped and an ambulance arrived at the scene. In the second instance, the driver of the car simply gave the child an angry look and proceeded into the parking lot. There is no information about the driver of the second vehicle.

The Star reported that Michael Mann, Public Works Director for Boerne agreed that the area was often very busy with traffic and admitted that he, too, had a few close calls in the area. Although bicyclists are not supposed to use the sidewalks, they often do to avoid riding in the street when there is no designated bike lane.

Mann intends to take the issue to TxDOT but added that extra signage in the area may not be the best answer. He says studies have shown that the warning signs can sometimes backfire as drivers are distracted by the signs and may miss the things they really should be looking out for. In the meantime, Mann encourages both pedestrians and bicyclists to always cross streets at appropriate intersections and for bicyclists to consider walking their bikes across busy driveway entrances where they may be more easily seen and also able to stop more quickly.

As for Erica Sudz, the child’s mother, her worries continue. She told the Star, “Fortunately, [my boys] are very good, well-behaved boys so I know they will follow direction…” She is hopeful that the city will come up with a plan to fix the issue.