Blind Dog Found Safe After Spending 8 Days Alone in the Mountains

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Sage is a precious 12-year-old yellow lab who recently lost her eyes to glaucoma. In a video from WCMH (via KXAN,) her tail wagged back and forth as she asked for a pat from her owner Beth Cole while the news station in their California hometown interviewed Cole about Sage’s disappearance.

Amidst awful weather, Sage had gotten lost in the wooded hillside of the Santa Cruz Mountains near her home. CBS says that Cole believed that her dog was nice and safe inside, but in reality, she had mistakenly been left outside for an hour.

Sage’s blindness was only part of the challenge the dog faced. She had found her way down a steep hill and wasn’t able to get enough traction to get herself back up and navigate the terrain. Cole wasn’t able to spot Sage after hours of searching. She posted on Facebook hoping that someone would come across her sweet pet.

Dan Estrada, a neighbor and firefighter, decided to take action along with a friend to search for the dog. Heroically, they finally found Sage after 8 long days!

Estrada put Sage up on his shoulders and zig-zagged a route up the hill to bring her home. “Everyone was together. There was a lot of tears and it was happy reunion,” Estrada told the news.