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Say Goodbye to Blockbuster: The Final Store in Texas Has Closed

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“I hate to say it. It’s going to be gone — I owe (the store) a great debt because I met my wife (here), I’m obligated to say it was the most fun job in the world, I enjoyed it — years felt like days … I saw customers (and) crew members grow up,” manager Rick Cavazos told the Brownsville Herald on the day his Blockbuster store closed. The Edinburg location of the video rental franchise was the final store in all of Texas.

Photo: Facebook/Blockbuster Edinburg

On the store’s last day, they held a liquidation sale, and those who were already feeling nostalgic for the numerous Blockbusters that had closed down before it, lined the walls of the store to make their final purchase in the franchise that was part of many American’s childhoods. “It was an event to go to a Blockbuster store on a Friday or Saturday night and most people if they weren’t going to the theater, that’s what they were doing — it became a community gathering spot where people came and talked movies, had a good time and went home, watched the movie and ate popcorn,” Alan Payne, owner of the now-closed Edinburg store and of a few final stores in the United States, said. “For a long time it was just part of what people did on the weekends.”

Blockbuster was hit hard in the early 2000s with the rise of streaming videos online. My Fox 8 says that there are now only seven Blockbuster stores left in the country, and only one is in the contiguous United States in Oregon. The rest are all located up in Alaska.