Bloodshot Deviled Eggs: A Must-Have Halloween Party Recipe

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If you’re planning a neighborhood Halloween party and your spooky recipe well has run dry, then look to this fantastically devilish dish for inspiration. If you’re haunted by hunger pains and you want a quick, creepy snack, these Bloodshot Deviled Eggs are a real…eye-opener.

Posted to their website by Food Network Canada, this version has a little bit of a kick to it with a spiciness added into the egg yolk mixture. You can dress these up in any way, shape, or form, but the key to the bloodshot effect is a bath in a red food coloring gel. The entire process was placed in video form on their website, which makes it all that much easier to see first-hand. You have to admit; the after-effect is a touch creepy! For the pupils in the “eyes,” black olive rounds are used…all edible, all a little bit off-putting until you bite into them. Tasty morsels of weirdness, these deviled eggs are sure to be remembered at your upcoming Halloween party.

Bloodshot Deviled Eggs

Bloodshot Deviled Eggs: A Must-Have Halloween Party Recipe


Key ingredients for this recipe include:





Black Olives

Food Coloring


Food Network Canada has the full ingredient listing, amounts, preparation, and serving instructions available on their website link provided here. All of the ingredients are easily sourced, and for a Texas twist, you could dress it up with something spicy such as taco seasoning, taco sauce for the vein-look, or mix avocado in with the egg yolk for a green center-eyeball appeal! If you make these according to directions, there shouldn’t be a dry eye in the house (…groan.)