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Beautiful Flowers Bloom Along the Official Texas Bluebonnet Trails

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“The time is now to see the Ennis bluebonnets!” a scrolling bar on the Visit Ennis website proclaims. They say that the second week of April will mark the height of the beautiful bluebonnet season that Texans anticipate each spring.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to plop your baby (or your pet) down to take a few quintessentially Texan photos among the bluebonnets, taking a trip out to Ennis (about an hour outside of Dallas) could be your best option. In fact, the weekend of April 7th through the 9th marks the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival.

Dallas Culture Map writes that the yearly festival brings food and craft vendors along with live music to a cluster of wildflower trails that cover 40 miles where visitors can either walk, bike or sometimes, drive along to take gorgeous photos and soak in the sight of blue and white flowers dotting the lush green landscape.

In order to find out which trail will meet your needs best (depending on if you want a nice walk or just a place to pose your family with the bluebonnets), the Ennis Convention and Visitors Bureau can provide you with a map and some guidance.