Blue Bell Releases New Sweet & Salty Combo Flavor

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Blue Bell Ice Cream added a new flavor to its list on their website this morning—Sweet ‘N Salty Crunch. According to Blue Bell’s Facebook page, this flavor is a concoction of  “delicious vanilla ice cream loaded with chocolate-coated pretzel bites, chopped roasted almonds— and milk chocolate chunks.”

The new ice cream could become a favorite among people who like a little salt with their sweet to balance out the flavors. Judging from the comments left on Blue Bell’s Facebook post, it seems like quite a few people are on board. In fact, Bertha Rodriguez Gonzales even invented her own salty-sweet combo years ago. “Try adding Fritos to your vanilla Blue Bell ice cream. My favorite thing to do since childhood. I have my grandchildren doing it now,” she said. That sounds about as Texan as dipping your fries into your Whataburger shake!

A few people are turning up their noses at the idea. “This is the first time I’m walking the other way..Pretzels? Have you lost your mind?” Stephanie S Sawyer commented. But like Patricia Stoudemire Ford replied, “Don’t knock it until you try it. It just might be very good.”

Sweet ‘N Salty Crunch is on freezer shelves now, so try it for yourself!