‘Blue Cornflower’ for Dinner: The Iconic Design is Back This Christmas

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If your granny made casseroles for her family, chances are good she had a set of the classic blue and white cornflower cooking dishes from CorningWare. If the thought of seeing that design brings back fond memories of some great family dinners, you’re not alone. For its 60th anniversary, CorningWare brought back the classic design, releasing “Blue Cornflower” in their dishware in addition to Corelle, Chicago Cutlery items, and even Pyrex! Fans everywhere raved about the release that happened in early fall, and those in Texas were no exception. The holidays will begin to look a little more familiar with this great design back on the table!

‘Blue Cornflower’ for Dinner: The Iconic Design is Back This Christmas

Photo: Facebook/Corningware Kitchen & Table

The iconic design which was popular from the late 1950s through the 1980s can be purchased online at the CorningWare site or in stores, where its products are sold. Classic casserole dishes and ramekins for cooking in, mixing bowls, and serving ware have all been adorned with the emblems that we know to be the sign that something delicious was ready. With the addition of items other than the standard casserole dish, now your family can make wonderful cooking memories using cutlery and even glass measuring cups that bear the symbol. Featuring over 25 new items both in stores and online, many of which are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, you can either start a new collection of this class design or stock anew to support your hand-me-down set.

‘Blue Cornflower’ for Dinner: The Iconic Design is Back This Christmas

Photo: Flickr/Gerrilynn Nunley

If you’re looking to serve some nostalgia at your family’s holiday dinner table this year, this is one of the best ways to do it (besides making one of Granny’s famous dishes in that serving ware!). Aside from eating the wonderful food that you lovingly prepare in the Cornflower Blue patterned cookware and serving ware, the walk down memory lane while you make and serve your dish will be one of the best parts of the meal! What better way to honor your family than by cooking up recipes that have been handed down through generations in the same patterned dishware your grandmother once used? Chances are good you’ll generate a few laughs along with some full bellies.