The Bob Bullock State History Museum Is Free on H-E-B First Sundays

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If you are looking for something to do with the family, this world-class museum is just a short distance from most of us in in the Texas Hill Country. Exhibits, movies, and interpreters all bring the story to life, and it is free on H-E-B First Sundays. Parking is easy, and there is a restaurant inside to make your visit complete.

Ready, Aim, FIRE!

Bob Bullock Museum exhibit

Photo: Robert C Deming

Texas history was shaped by conflict. Find the stories which made us who we are today.

Native Texans

Bob Bullock Museum Native American Exhibit

Photo: Robert C Deming

No history of Texas is complete without considering the Comanche and other people who lived here for many years before the arrival of the Spanish. Many Texans have blood in them from these First Americans; find out what their side of the story is.

La Belle

Bob Bullock Museum exhibit of La Belle

Photo: Robert C Deming

This Spanish ship was wrecked in Matagorda Bay 300 years ago, and now you can see it and learn the story of these intrepid adventurers.

Guns and Swords are always interesting!

Bob Bullock Museum exhibit on weapons

Photo: Robert C Deming

In Texas we love guns, and here you will find plenty of historical rifles and muskets from the beginning of Texas history. You will also find a historical map display from the General Land Office and a room all about Texas music and a focus on Stevie Ray Vaughan. The museum is not static; come back in a few months, and you will find new stories to learn in new exhibits.

Meet the Museum’s Secret Weapon.

Bob Bullock Museum Interpreter Bob

Photo: Robert C Deming

Meet Bob, one of 120 volunteers who bring the exhibits to life. This is “hands on history” where you can touch objects from the past and hear their story.  The Bob Bullock State History Museum also shows both current releases and history films in their IMAX theater. H-E-B supports the free admission on first Sundays; other days there is a charge. Parking is in the adjacent parking garage ($7 all day) or on weekends in the parking lot across the street. Get yourself to the Bob Bullock and see how Texas came to be.

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