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Body Recovered After Hill Country Flooding & Latest Road Closures Info

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A dead body was recovered from Lake LBJ near Kingsland, Texas, early afternoon Tuesday afternoon. Deputies from the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office retrieved the deceased individual. The discovery of the corpse came after severe floods rushed through the Texas Hill Country, causing evacuations and damage to infrastructure.

After eight to 10 inches of heavy rainfall, the Llano River rose an astonishing 40 feet near the city of Llano, swelling some 35 feet in only 24 hours. The river’s high mark ultimately reached 39.91 feet. That measurement was just below the highest ever recorded for the river, 41.5 feet in the early summer of 1935. Though the river is currently receding, it will likely remain in its official status of major flooding until the morning of October 16.

“Turn around, don’t drown.” Check out the latest road closures here at the Drive Texas map TxDOT.

Video: Facebook/Hill Country Scanner

Floodwaters washed away four vehicles in Kerr County early Tuesday, Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer reported. The sheriff went on to note that the occupants of the vehicles are now safe, but that the situation remains dangerous in the flood-ravaged Hill Country. Beware of water on the road, he urged. Even if the water over roadways doesn’t appear to be too high, it’s best not to risk it. Numerous low water crossings were closed as of early Tuesday. Cold temperatures and the wind chill factor promise to be further hardships for Hill Country residents going into the evening hours. Flash Flood Watches remain in effect for multiple areas.

Tuesday afternoon, residents of Granite Shoals who could see the water or live lakefront from their property were urged to evacuate. Police officers were reported to be going door to door, asking residents to leave. As Hill Country Scanner reported, “All area resources are stretched to the max. If you are safe away from low lying areas, shelter in place. If you are near or on the water GET OUT NOW! Unless you are evacuating, please stay off the roads. Leave the areas free for emergency services to respond. Don’t call 911 unless it’s an emergency or you are trapped. Please pray for our community and the surrounding areas.” The First Baptist Church located at 505 S Phillips Ranch Rd opened its doors to evacuees in Granite Shoals.

Video: Facebook/Texas Parks and Wildlife

Hill Country Scanner also reported rescues underway in Granite Shoals, Camp Champions, Tropical Hideaway, Meadowlakes, and Impala Island. Williamson County Swift Water Rescue teams were deployed to assist rescue efforts underway in Llano County. Homes along Horseshoe Bay Blvd. in Horseshoe Bay suffered flooding.

Cell towers and radio systems became overloaded during the day, adding to the danger and confusion. A student and the driver of a school bus were rescued in Leander. Evacuations were urged for some residents of Marble Falls in neighborhoods along the course of the river. Texas Governor Greg Abbott called for Texans to “take their safety into their own hands by closely monitoring changing weather condition and heeding warnings from local officials. “