Boerne, 1864: A Big Year for Texas Shooting Clubs

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Sometimes old buildings are just old buildings, used then abandoned. Other times, the old building has a rich history tangled alongside the weeds and fence ensnaring it. An example of this history within the foliage can be found outside of Boerne. Formerly a community, all that remains of Kreutsberg (also spelled Kreuzberg, Kreutzberg) are three buildings: a community hall, a shooting range, and a school. Found off Farm Road 474, in south central Kendall County, its history began in 1847.

Boerne, 1864: A Big Year for Texas Shooting Clubs

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After emigrating from Germany and building a new home, Vincent Phillip and his family moved to a plot on the Sabine River, roughly eight miles east of Boerne. He erected a large wooden cross on a high hill overlooking the valley, generating the name Kreutzberg, which means “Cross Mountain” in German. The cross was in appreciation for the blessings and completion of their perilous journey to their new home. The cross has since been replaced several times and is now made of concrete.

Boerne, 1864: A Big Year for Texas Shooting Clubs

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A shooting club was created in 1864. The timeframe of building the school and community hall is uncertain. In 1905, the school had twenty-eight students and one teacher, but in 1952, the Kreutsberg school district was divided between the Boerne and Kendalia districts, and the school closed. Today, these three buildings can be seen from the road but are on private property. Visit the Kreuzberg Cemetery on Lewis Road if you’d like to wander around.

Boerne, 1864: A Big Year for Texas Shooting Clubs

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If you would like to see an equally historical shooting club still meeting regularly, visit the Boerne Schuetzen Verein (Shooting Club) at 33 Shooting Club Road. This group was also organized in 1864 by German immigrants who enjoyed shooting contests, community meals, and socializing. At its current location since 1913, the “Schuetzen” style of shooting from stair-stepped wooden ramps at a target of 100 yards remains in place. Only .22 LR target rifles are used at the club; iron sights and scopes are acceptable. Check out their established history in action!