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Boerne Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy All Year Long

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Located conveniently close to San Antonio, Boerne still feels miles away. It retains its traditions while also keeping relevant to today’s trends. When in Boerne, discover all the great things to do in and around town. These Boerne activities will keep you busy for a while, so plan your trip accordingly, or simply arrange to return.

1. River Road Park

Boerne activities include a trip to River Road Park.

Photo: Facebook/Matt Rogers

While you might not think of visiting a local park when traveling, River Road Park has something unusual, ducks. Wild ducks by the dozens float down Cibolo Creek, which creates the center for the park. You could spend hours wandering the walking path along the creek and feeding the ducks. But leave the bread at home. It’s not good for the ducks or geese in the creek. Instead, bring corn or buy duck pellets from a pet shop.

2. Cascade Caverns

Seeing Cascade Caverns is one of the many Boerne activities you can do in the area

Photo: Facebook/Cascade Caverns

When in Boerne, don’t miss your chance to explore Cascade Caverns. This cave features numerous stalactites but fewer stalagmites than other caves in Texas. The lack of stalagmites indicates the cave floor was once much lower than today, but over time, debris covered the floor to create the current cavern base visitors walk on. This is just one of the fascinating facts you’ll discover when you visit Cascade Caverns. Tours are available for all ages and abilities, whether you just want to walk into the cave or take an adventure tour deeper into the cavern with caving equipment.

3. Agricultural Heritage Museum

Pioneer House at Agricultural Heritage Museum near Boerne

Photo: Facebook/Agricultural Heritage Museum

Though your prospective list of Boerne activities to check out may not include farming history, perhaps it should. Don’t discount the Agricultural Heritage Museum. Kids especially love this place for the chance to see the historic tractors and other equipment. If you have a young child, he or she likely has had a period of falling in love with big machines, and the Agricultural Heritage Museum is the perfect place for your little one to see the large equipment used by farmers of the past and for you to learn about agriculture history.