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Boerne’s Big Art in a Small Town

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Boerne residents have long been a fan of the arts. From their galleries supporting artists local and afar, to their previous short term and much loved residents, the bronze longhorns, Boerne has had a vibrant artistic past. After a citywide survey in 2008, it was clear the residents wanted more public art. When Ron Bowman, City Manager for the City of Boerne, traveled to another big city, the idea for Boerne Art al Fresco was formed.

Boerne’s Big Art in a Small Town

Boerne Art al Fresco opened to the public on September 19, 2015, and is in its first year. There are currently nine temporary pieces up for display that join the five permanent pieces Boerne visitors and residents already enjoy. The City of Boerne, put out a nationwide call for art and over 70 pieces were submitted.

The Public Art Competition Committee, comprised of nine members, were tasked with choosing the pieces to put up all over town. The criteria for their decisions were based on a few main points: the piece being big enough to see in an outside space, the material having the ability to withstand the weather, and the piece being family friendly.

Boerne’s Big Art in a Small Town

The art in Boerne Art al Fresco is for the residents and the visitors. The city has allocated money to purchase some pieces if approved by City Council. You can vote for your favorite sculpture at, and to find out more information on each piece, the artists, as well as the program.

The public can interact with the pieces by taking fun and interesting photos with them and one should be sure to hashtag themselves with #artalfresco on all social media sites, as well as searching the hashtag to see what other people are saying about the art. There is also a walking tour with information on each piece including interesting bits about the artists themselves.

The artists come from all over the country, including quite a few from the great state of Texas. Many of the artists collaborated together to get the art here, as well as helping each other set up the pieces; providing culture and beauty to the city of Boerne.

Boerne’s Big Art in a Small Town

The program is a five year program and is only in its first year, and residents and visitors will have a chance to see all new art again. A call for new art will go out soon and the wonderful process will start all over again.

Boerne’s Big Art in a Small Town

The City of Boerne encourages everyone to participate in this program and to help them select “Boerne’s Choice” by casting your vote for your favorite sculpture at

So, take a stroll along the Hill Country Mile in Boerne and enjoy the big city art in a gorgeous Texas Hill Country setting.