Bold Bandit Makes Off With a Bucket of Gold

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There wasn’t a rainbow, but this fellow found a free pot of gold without the use of the multi-color clue! On a busy New York street, with the guys that are believed to be keeping watch over an armored truck standing nearby, surveillance videos captured a man casually walking up to the back of the open truck and calmly walking away with a bucket of gold! Inside Edition played the clip for its syndicated programming and uploaded to its YouTube channel on November 30, noting that authorities are in the process of trying to identify the man.

The unattended armored truck was an easy target for this nonchalant gold ninja, sneaking away with the bucket like he owned it, stopping once, on-camera, along his busy route to catch his breath after carrying his ill-gotten gains!

Clearly, he didn’t need a map to find this treasure; just some guts, bravado, and a keen sense of remaining cool and aloof. But all the found treasure in the world isn’t going to keep him calm once the authorities identify him! He’ll be struggling to make license plates nevermind making ends meet.