‘Bomb City’ Pits Preps Against Punk Rockers in a True Texas Crime Story

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Where many of you might remember “The Outsiders” pitting Greasers against Socs in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you might be a little less familiar with the punk rockers and the more affluent preps that don’t see eye-to-eye in the true Texas crime drama called “Bomb City.”

This tense, tight-budget film is getting noticed and reviewers and critics alike suggest the Dallas-based filmmakers have hit this Texas storyline right on target. Based on an incident that happened in Amarillo in 1997, the characters play late-90s Texas teens to a “T.” From restless and bored, too busy and high-styling, these North Texas punk rockers and football players alike are looking to blow off steam. At parties, cruising the town, picking fights…you know the drill. But, when the melodrama turns to violence, the result is pure Texas turmoil, leaving one young man dead in a local parking lot. Based on the December 12, 1997, death of 19-year-old Brian Deneke, sources say that if you followed the original case, you’ll know the particulars, but if you didn’t, they recommend you watch the movie without prior research.

‘Bomb City’ Pits Prep Again Punk in a True Texas Crime Story

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According to reviews, “Bomb City” does a great job at slowly revealing details about the victim and building up the simmering tension to its climax. The movie revolves around a jury trial during which Dallas native Glenn Morshower, the defense attorney, is determined to demonize the punk lifestyle. In the meantime, long flashbacks occur throughout, dramatizing the hostilities between punk rockers and local jocks. One very skillfully edited scene contrasts the fierceness of a Friday night football game with poor results for the home team against the energy of an intense mosh pit. With an enormous amount of testosterone pulsing through “Bomb City,” this true Texas drama doesn’t disappoint. The film’s initial release date is scheduled for February 9, so get your ticket and popcorn ready.